Choosing an Escort Lingerie Set

One of the most popular types of escort lingerie is a traditional set, which consists of a bra, thong and suspenders. Suspenders are another name for garter belts. They are elastic and are clipped to the stockings. The thong or panties are worn under the suspenders. The escort can choose to wear or remove the suspenders, based on personal preference.

Some escorts choose to wear lingerie that is as lavish and as sexy as they are. Some even wear leather, vinyl or latex, which make them the perfect fetish clothing to be worn by an upscale escort. Because fetish lingerie is so expensive, most customers’ requests are extremely specific. To get the best fit, latex lingerie needs to be lubricated.

A sexy lingerie set for an elite escort can be quite expensive, so choosing a budget-friendly set is essential. It is important to find a sexy set that will be comfortable and look good on the escort. For example, a slipdress can be a great option if you have a petite frame. The slipdress is often worn with stockings, and the kimono is a great option for a high-class emissary too.

An escort lingerie set can also be as classy as your desires. An escort lingerie set may be short or long, depending on the style. Some women choose to wear a small thong. Some prefer a small, sleek playsuit. If you are looking for a more intimate piece, you may want to go for a sexy escort lingerie set.